Seals and standardisation

Buying a Jané product is synonymous with guarantee. Naturally, all our products comply with all industry standards, but we also go beyond the regulatory minimum, subjecting our products to numerous tests and thorough controls. Because we know that you want the best for your baby, we guarantee that with Jané you can rest assured that our products take care of the health, safety and proper development of your baby.


For some time now, our entire car seat catalogue has included only 100% i-Size seats, the latest and most demanding European standard (ECE R129) for child safety. i-Size seats are classified according to the height of the child, and it is mandatory for children to travel in the rear-facing position until they are at least 15 months old, among other aspects. In addition, car seats regulated under this standard go through an additional side crash test in order to be approved, making them even safer.

Jané Crash Test Research &
Development Center

In our facilities we have our own crash tunnel, the only private one in Spain. Here we push child restraint systems to the limit to ensure safety above and beyond legal requirements. It also means that we can test our products as many times as necessary, providing you with the most tested car seats available on the market and with the strictest certification in Europe.

International Hip
Dysplasia Institute

We are very proud to have recently achieved the important seal of approval from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for all our slings and wearable baby carriers, which guarantees that our products allow healthy hip development during infancy. With our baby carriers you will enjoy the benefits of baby-wearing, with the peace of mind of knowing that your baby will grow up healthy.

BPA Free Products

You will find the BPA Free label on many of our products containing plastic materials. This label confirms the absence of Bisphenol A, a chemical component used in the manufacture of plastics that can release contaminating particles and therefore cause health damage and even illness. We guarantee that our products are BPA free.


LFGB is the abbreviation for the German food safety code. LFGB certification standards are the strictest in Europe. The purpose of this code is to ensure the protection of human health in the private domestic setting, preventing or averting a danger presented by food products, to the extent included in this code.