Jané is an international brand that is sold in more than 25 countries. To find your nearest store click here and search for it on our map of points of sale.

Remember that in addition to the physical stores, you can also find us in several online stores.

Our products have a 2-year warranty (3 for those purchased after January 2022) from the date of purchase that covers manufacturing defects.

At Jané we guarantee the normal functioning of our products under normal conditions and as specified in the instruction manual for each product.

The guarantee does not cover wear and tear due to normal use, faults resulting from misuse or inadequate maintenance and damage caused by accidents*.

To have extensive control over our products, at Jané we recommend you register your product on our website, you can do it easily through this link.

*In the event of an accident involving a Jané car seat, we will replace it with a new one free of charge. Find more information about this campaign using the following link.

If you have lost or can’t find the instructions for a specific Jane product, don’t worry. You can consult or download your instruction manual from our website. You can download it in pdf format by accessing the product.

Registering your product is very simple, just click on this link and fill in the form with your details and those of your product.

Fill in the product fields quickly by scanning the QR code found on the label of your product.

Our products are designed in Europe (Spain and Germany) and manufactured in China with reliable suppliers that meet our quality standards.

Jané selects its distributors from among those who meet the company’s requirements. If you want to be a distributor of our brand, please send us a contact email to together with details so we can contact you.

You can see the price of the product you are interested in below the image of the product. Please note that you have to click on the colour of your choice to display the correct price, as this may vary.

To make a gift purchase, simply go to your account and put the address of the person to whom you wish to send the item in the delivery details section of the order, which will be different from the billing address. The person receiving the item will only get a delivery note with a description of the item(s) delivered, without stating the price, and you will receive the invoice. It is very important to keep the delivery note in case you need to use the guarantee.


If you need to use the guarantee, go to the point of sale where you bought your product with your purchase receipt. The establishment will get in touch with use to process the guarantee and offer the best possible solution.

You can also go to your nearest Official Technical Service point, find it here

Of course, even if the guarantee period has expired, you can go to a Jané products point of sale or an Official Technical Service point and we will advise you on the best solution. You will receive a no-obligation quote and all the necessary information.

Of course, if you need a replacement or spare part for your Jané product, we recommend you contact a point of sale directly (link) where they will advise you on the right replacement part and will give you all the necessary information.

If you need to, you can also contact your nearest Technical Service point

We recommend you always go to the point of sale where you bought your product with the purchase receipt.

However, if you need it, you can find your nearest Official technical Service workshop here.


If you want to download the instruction manual for your Jané stroller, or simply check something in it, you can find it in the product file on the website.

PRO-FIX SYSTEM GENERATION is the ergonomic system that allows all the Jane carrycots and baby carriers to be easily attached to and removed from the Isofix chassis or platform. With just one single movement and two connection points, you can fit any attachment onto the chassis without the need for “adaptors”.

To attach the baby carrier or carrycot onto the chassis simply make a single vertical movement and fit it into the slots of the two connection points without the need for any further manoeuvre of the chassis.

To remove it, pull the two buttons found on the sides and with just one movement the baby carrier or carrycot will be released from the chassis or any Isofix platform.

The fabric parts of the Jané strollers are made with special materials that repel water, protect against the wind, are breathable and are especially hardwearing over time and stain resistant during use.

The Jané strollers fold up small making them easy to carry on any plane trip. You can go to the boarding gate with your Jané stroller and when you get there the airline staff will take the stroller to the plane’s hold along with the rest of the luggage. Once the flight is over, the stroller will be given back to you at the departure point.

If you have any other questions about this point, we recommend you contact the airline you are travelling with directly.

The Jané carrycots have been designed so that your baby can sleep comfortably. However, we do not recommend using the carrycot as a substitute for a cot. Cots are more spacious and above all they are designed specifically for babies to sleep in.

If you have to stay overnight away from home and you do not have a cot with you, the best solution we offer are the travel cots, which are lightweight and easy to fold and carry.

Although your stroller comes with various accessories as standard, at Jané we offer other additional accessories that are compatible with our strollers and pushchairs and that will make your life easier. Take a look at all of them via this link.

The parasol for your Jané stroller is made of fabrics that are specially designed to offer maximum protection against ultraviolet rays, both UVB and UVA. Their protection rating is 50+, the highest rating a fabric can achieve. UPF 50+.

According to European Regulation EN 1888-2:2018+A1:2023, the maximum authorized weight for Jané buggies is 22 kilos, which corresponds approximately to a 6 or 7 year old child.

As indicated in our instructions, the maximum authorized weight of our buggies also corresponds to that indicated in European Regulations (22 kilos). Furthermore, all our models have been tested and approved to support an additional 4 kilograms of load in the lower basket.

Although in practice our buggies could support more weight, we recommend respecting the limits established by regulations.

There is no specific rule as to when to start using the pushchair instead of the carrycot as each baby is a different weight and size. In general we recommend making the switch when the baby weighs around 9 kilos (9 months approximately).

The difference between a flexible and a rigid hood is the fabric used, where one is more elastic (contains a higher % of elastane) than the other; the final effect is purely aesthetic. The technical properties of both fabrics are exactly the same: UVA protection, wind-stopper and water repellent. So, simply choose the model you like best.


You can check to see if your Jané car seat is suitable for use in your car via this link.

If you can’t find your car model on the list, it does not mean it is not compatible. Please contact us at so we can check it for you.

Bear in mind that we may take a while to find the answer because we always put safety first and for this reason we need to make sure by carrying out the relevant tests before we can give you an answer.

If you want to download the instruction manual for your Jané car safety seat, or simply check something in it, you can find it in the product file on the website.

The new R129 regulation (known as i-Size) classifies seats based on the child's size, while the previous regulation (ECE R-44) did so in relation to the child's weight. There are no groups to classify the seats, but rather the range of use of each car seat is marked according to the height, in centimetres, of the baby or child.

The new standard makes Child Restraint Systems significantly safer than the R-44 standard, which dates back to the 1990s. The i-Size standard aims to improve protection and safety based on 6 key points:


The i-Size standard requires installation in the car using just the Isofix anchors + an anti-rotation system (top tether or support leg).


I-Size abandons the previous classification of car seats in weight groups for a new classification that is easier to understand: by size in cm.


The i-Size standard has been developed in conjunction with car manufacturers in order to guarantee complete compatibility between car seats and cars.


As of the i-Size standard, the use of car seats in the forward facing position is only allowed from 15 months onwards, although the recommendation is to continue using the rear facing position for the baby for as long as possible.


The new i-Size standard adds side impact in front and rear crash tests.


The new dummies (Q Series) are designed according to the sizes of the current population, with materials that better reproduce human behaviour and they are also fitted with new sensors that detect stress in the most sensitive parts of the human body.

All the Jane car seats are created at the JANÉ CRASH TEST RESEARCH CENTER, the only private crash tunnel in Spain for child safety research.

As it is located at our factory in Barcelona, we can use the Crash Test as many times as we consider necessary. Only in this way can we offer you the most tested car seats on the market and with the strictest certification in Europe.

A friend or relative might lend you a car seat for your vehicle, or you might buy a second-hand car seat. In this case our answer is categorical, we do not recommend the use of second-hand car seats.

If you use a child restraint system that has already been used, you don’t know how it has been used, the stresses it may have been subjected to or if it has been involved in a crash. The car seat may have internal damage that is not visible to the naked eye. For this reason, and as always, putting safety first, we strongly advise against this.

According to European Standard ECE R129: "it is advisable to replace the car seat with a new one when it has been subjected to violent stresses after an accident".

From now on Jané will replace your car safety seat with the same one (or a similar one depending on availability) if your car is involved in an accident while the child restraint system is installed.

Find out more about this campaign in the following link.