Mochila portabebé Revolution- Jané

Revolution baby carrier

Backpack suitable for carrying newborns and babies weighing up to 22 kg. It is also adaptable as it converts into a rigid hip seat, so that your baby can keep its back straight. Wide straps to distribute the weight evenly and protect your neck.

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To protect baby's back.

Cervical support

Headrest and neck protector for baby's neck.

Seat at the base

Separates the carrier from the seat by means of a zip.


3 storage pockets

Anti-cold layer

With a fully removable and reversible layer.


Wide straps to distribute weight evenly and protect the back and neck.


It helps to develop the baby's hips as they grow.


Evolutionary carrier from birth to 22 kg.

Lumbar protection

Quick and easy to adjust lumbar support.


100% cotton and breathable fabrics for added comfort.


UNE EN 13209-2:2016.


100% cotton.
Polyamide straps and polypropylene buckles.

Measurements and weight

Baby’s age/height/weight

0-22 kg.
0–9 kg: with padded cushion and neck protection.
9-15 kg: as a carrier with or without an interior seat (without padded cushion).
15-22 kg: just the seat.

Product dimensions

60 x 35 cm.

Awards and seals

Recognised by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute


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