Fashion and design

Fashion and design have always been present in our collections. Our engineering team analyse market needs with the goal of always offering practical and versatile solutions to make families’ day-to-day easier. We are aware that our products will literally envelop babies and coexist at home for a long time, so we enjoy creating beautiful things to accompany you and act as the cherry on top during all those exciting first times you’ll experience.

Multidisciplinary team

The Research, Development, Innovation, and Design Department at Jané is made up of a multidisciplinary team where, since the 1980s, a specific area for Fashion Design with specialised designers was incorporated. 

This team is constantly creating collections, mainly focused on a yearly launch, for all the products in our catalogue.

Functional design

One of our defining features is that we know how to listen. This is the first step in creating each one of our products: listening to the families and knowing their different realities in order to understand their needs. With that, our teams work on designing practical solutions that are versatile and functional. Without a doubt, innovation is in our DNA.

Mediterranean inspiration

Jané has its roots in the Mediterranean, and its character is always imprinted on our products. However, our design team also find inspiration in Parisian and Italian fashion fairs and fashion shows, magazines, street style, and even walking through the countryside. All of this can be seen in our colours, patterns, and materials. 

Our team analyse the target consumer’s profile for each one of the items they will work on and they apply colours, textures, materials, fibres, fabrics, pattern designs, etc. based on and inspired by international trends.

Design process

Our team analyse each product that is susceptible of being embellished while understanding your needs and working with our project managers to jointly develop a brief that will guide future development. With these priorities in mind, we create the first sketches, ideas, and prototypes, all with the help of pattern designers when it comes to lengths, tailoring, and the appropriate pattern designs. 

When it comes to selecting colours, we work with mood boards that express conceptual ideas on colours and inspiration. These value and colour proposals are the basis for each one of the future colours or designs we will use to colour or create sets, collections, and our well-known home inspiration. These are inspirational ideas so you can decorate your home with our products, thus creating coordinated and creative spaces, especially in your little one’s room.

Signature style

Jané’s style reflects the company’s core values. Its impact on our products is undeniable, and it’s one of Jané’s distinguishing marks. Embellishing our products also means protecting little ones from adverse weather conditions and the risks in their surroundings. We provide items that help our clients express who they are through their colours, patterns, shapes, and fabrics. 

Our designers create small universes of colour and beautiful patterns, little worlds that are expressed through the fabrics, the shapes, and the illustrations.

High-quality materials

A delicate and exquisite selection of the best fabrics, materials, details, buttons, zippers, threads, trimmings, and endless decorations, always made with the utmost respect for the environment, using recycled materials, and with your baby’s safety at the core. All our fabrics and products have been rigorously tested, standardised, and certified to ensure the highest level of safety for our little ones. We are invested in respecting the environment and being sustainable so as to preserve our planet for our little ones and for the future. Because of this, we are also committed to this cause, and our team choose the best recycled fabrics, most of which contain high percentages, ranging from 85% to 100%, of natural and eco-friendly materials.