What is AESVi?

AESVi is the Spanish Alliance for Child Road Safety, an association where the majority of parties involved in child road safety have joined forces with a single objective in mind: to improve road safety for children, under the slogan “Their safety, our commitment.”

Under the slogan “Their safety, our commitment", AESVi has created a forum for users to find answers to their questions, for distributors to find comprehensive training, and for questions to be answered about safety systems and their use through scientific research.

Protecting children when they travel is our shared goal, and each and every one of us must make an effort to ensure that no child travels without a child restraint system.

LFGB - Jané

Who is part of AESVi?

As members of the public sector, AESVi’s public sector member include several government bodies with the highest responsibilities for road safety in Spain and in two of its autonomous communities, as well as three automotive clubs and other health and road safety associations.

The private sector members are practically all the manufacturers and distributors of child restraint systems in Spain.

How does AESVi
contribute to child safety?

By improving the training of professionals responsible for the sale of child restraint devices.

By enhancing information available to those responsible for the safety of minors using resources aimed at improving their knowledge of child safety protection.

By researching and sponsoring technical studies.

By conducting awareness-raising campaigns on the need to have children properly restrained in the vehicle.

LFGB - Jané

Jané’s commitment
to AESVi

Jané is one of the founding members of AESVi, and since the beginning, our Director of Research and Development was elected as Secretary General, a position that has been renewed by vote at each of its bi-annual Assemblies. From this position, Jané is committed to and promotes studies, such as “Effects on ageing and use of Child Restraint Systems” that our R&D Director presented at the conference “Protection of Children in Cars, The Langwieder Conference” Munich, Germany.

We also convey the concerns of our users, such as school transport and taxi drivers, as well as our own concerns, such as improving the use and fitting of child restraint systems, among other proposals.

Working together with all stakeholders, associations, administration, parents' associations, universities, etc. makes us stronger, more aware of the social reality, more committed, and more useful, in the end, for the improvement of our children’s safety.