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Jané Educa

Because our commitment to children goes beyond the production and sale of childcare products, in 2007 we launched the Jané Educa program. It is pioneering in-house initiative that aims to raise awareness among children of the importance of using a child restraint system and the correct use of seat belts.

Who is it for?

The activity is intended for children in the first cycle of primary education (1st and 2nd Grade) in all schools. 

Since it was launched, more than 10,000 children from different primary schools around Spain have attended.

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The purpose of the activity is to teach children about road safety, not only in terms of child restraint systems inside the vehicle, but also for them to internalise traffic rules as appropriate for their age range, such as safely crossing the road at a zebra crossing, and when the light is green.

What will we learn?

Recognition of correct and incorrect behaviours relating to mobility and road safety.

Correct interpretation of the different aspects of mobility, both for pedestrians and users of motor and non-motor vehicles.

Awareness of responsible behaviour when getting around, in order to avoid taking unnecessary risks.

Reflection and assessment of specific behaviours that affect our mobility and that of others.

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Where does it take place?

The activity takes place at the Jané Crash Test Research & Development Center, the only private crash tunnel in Spain, where we subject our products to even stricter tests than those required by law, to ensure maximum safety.


The results are surprising: all the children become instantly aware of the need to use car seats in vehicles and the consequences of incorrect use. 

The children assimilate the information and adopt good practices as habits, managing to transmit them to their family environment, therefore spreading proper road safety awareness themselves.

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