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Jané, specialists in families and experts in babies

At Jané we are a multidisciplinary team of professionals who work as a big family to provide the very best for your baby. All of us at the Jané Group share principles based on babies and their families, and we work hard for their well-being and safety. Our efforts, creativity and passion have positioned Jané as one of the most significant players in childcare industry.


Talking about Jané is synonymous to talking about the lives of many people who have placed their trust in our products in a crucial moment in their lives: the arrival of their baby. Perhaps even you yourself were pushed around in a Jané stroller during your first few years of your life. The truth is that Jané is a part of many people’s lives, and this fills us with pride and joy. It’s been 90 years since the creation of that first stroller Manel used to push around his son Ramón and, since then, just as with everything in life, we’ve evolved, grown, and learnt in order to become what we are today: a brand specialising in baby products.

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Being the leading edge in baby products and leading the market is truly a challenge, but innovation has always been a defining feature of Jané. Our design team always work with babies and their families in mind in order to offer you products that adapt to your lifestyle and everyday needs. Thanks to this, Jané has always launched revolutionary products, from the first collapsible stroller in the 1930s to our most recent launch: the Crosslight stroller, with its own LED light and adjustable suspension.


Alongside innovation, safety is part of our brand DNA. When you become a parent, protecting your child is your number one priority. We’re aware of this at Jané, so we equip our products with extra care and protection so your baby feels as safe as in your arms. The Jané Crash Test Research Center, the only private crash test laboratory in Spain, was created in 2003 with this goal in mind: to test our car seats so they perform beyond standard demands and ensure they’re the safest ones in the market. Safety is our number one priority, so we’ve created the Renew Plan, through which we replace your car seat if you experienced an accident while the child restraint system was installed.

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Attention to detail

We take care of your baby’s products throughout the whole production process, from the initial sketching phase to the moment they arrive at your home. It is a journey on which we pay attention to every detail and where many people are involved to ensure that the Jané product you receive is a high-quality, durable product, and not only that, we are sure that it will exceed your expectations. Our Customer Service team are also there for you throughout the use of your product in case you have any questions or need support.

Committed to childhood

For many years, Jané has participated in numerous studies, charitable collaborations, and several non-profit actions on behalf of children. Since 2007, over 10,000 children have participated in the Jané Educa programme, through which students from different schools visit our facilities to learn about road safety and responsible behaviour on roads. The activity takes place at our Jané Group Crash Test Research Center, where students witness a live crash, thus immediately becoming aware of how important it is to be properly seated in child restraint systems when riding in a car.

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Our commitment to the environment and sustainability is ever more present in our products. In our newest collections, we’ve opted for 100% recycled fabrics for our strollers, which are much more sustainable and emit up to 75% less CO². Some items in our catalogue are locally manufactured following the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certificates and the SEAQUAL ™ certificate, which indicates that they have been manufactured using recycled materials such as post-consumer plastic bottles and plastics collected from the ocean. Our position on this issue is clear: to offer a catalogue of more and more sustainable products and lower our environmental footprint.