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At Jané we are a multidisciplinary team of professionals who work as a big family to provide the very best for your baby. All of us at the Jané Group share principles based on babies and their families, and we work hard for their well-being and safety. Our efforts, creativity and passion have positioned Jané as one of the most significant players in childcare industry.


The Jané team is made up of professionals from different fields: engineering, industry, graphic design, fashion design, pattern making, marketing, quality and after-sales service management... in short, a multidisciplinary group that works together as a team. This is the only way we know how to work. Our teams are all interconnected, and communication and collaboration between the different departments are two of our mainstays.

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Creativity and innovation

How does a company that is close to 100 years old continue to be one of the most popular brands among families? Creativity and innovation are the key. Our team is non-conformist and curious by nature, meaning that we continue to surprise families with our practical, high quality and beautifully designed products.


We work in an honest, simple and committed way. This spirit that put into all our products, which is why we are the brand most trusted by families, because Jané is synonymous with guarantee and quality. We guarantee the durability and quality of our products, and we are committed to meeting all the needs of new families who, like you, are looking for the best for their baby.

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Attention to detail

We take care of your baby’s products throughout the whole production process, from the initial sketching phase to the moment they arrive at your home. It is a journey on which we pay attention to every detail and where many people are involved to ensure that the Jané product you receive is a high-quality, durable product, and not only that, we are sure that it will exceed your expectations. Our Customer Service team are also there for you throughout the use of your product in case you have any questions or need support.

International presence

Jané’s success has crossed international borders and today we operate in more than 50 countries with our own teams in countries with a strong brand presence, such as France, Italy, Portugal, etc. It is a great achievement to have become the best known brand in Spain as well as major international player.

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Educational work

In addition to the fact that our employees are professionals in each of their disciplines, we are also experts in the healthcare, protection and safety of babies. Our involvement goes beyond the purely professional field, as we contribute with education, transmitting our knowledge through training at our Jané Crash Test Research & Development Center and even advising families at our points of sale.