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We understand sustainability not only as a consumer trend but as a way of understanding the world around us. Nowadays, families are aware of this and adopt a responsible role to face this reality through their actions and consumption habits. We at Jané also are also committed to sustainability so that the babies who now ride in our strollers may have a more sustainable planet in the future.

Recycled fabrics

Jané was one of the first manufacturers to incorporate recycled fabrics into our strollers. Nowadays, our strollers contain over 60% recycled fabrics, which produce up to 75% fewer CO² emissions. This represents a great effort on our part from an economic viewpoint, as well as from a point of view of standardisation, creation, development, localisation, etc. Fabrics represent a very high percentage of the materials used in most childcare products.

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Reducing plastic

Single-use plastic products are a great threat to the environment and human health. They might be synonymous to convenience, but they cause palpable damage, and manufacturing and distributing them generates waste. We are working to ensure our packaging contains less and less plastic. In the last three years, we’ve managed to reduce the percentage of plastic in our packages in favour of more sustainable solutions such as cardboard.

Long-lasting products

Is there anything more sustainable than giving a product a second life? Jané products have been designed to have a long life, and we can’t imagine any other way of doing things: High-quality materials and durable product designs. Our technical support team regularly refurbishes strollers that are several years old in order to give them a new life. However, we don’t recommend this practice for car seats, since a recent report published by AESVi claims that 9 out of 10 safety seats would not meet European safety regulations.

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