We are extremely proud of the awards and distinctions we’ve received throughout our history because they recognise the effort and dedication we invest into designing and creating our products. Our work has been highlighted by consumer associations, design entities from around the world, and independent entities, among others.

Safety: Eurotest

The first car seat test was published over five decades ago by European automobile clubs. This was the beginning of a successful series of tests, since in recent years car seat tests performed by European automobile clubs and the global consortium of consumer organisations, International Consumer Research & Testing (ICRT), have consolidated themselves as a permanent feature among consumers. Different child restraint systems are tested during these studies, and they are classified according to criteria related to safety, user-friendliness, ergonomics, and content of harmful substances. 

Many families turn to this report for information before purchasing a child car seat, and retail and chain buyers also use this test to select the car seats they want to offer. 

Automobile clubs and consumer organisations are the ones who publish the results of the tests. Recently, the car seat Groowy + Nest scored the highest in its category in the 2021 Eurotest.

LFGB - Jané

Design: ADI-FAD

Among our recent awards, Jané has won the Premio Delta de Bronce de Diseño 2020 and the Premio Delta de Bronce de Diseño 2022, organised by the Asociación de Diseño Industrial ADI-FAD in the Mobility category. 

In their verdict, the jury recognises that the Newel stroller presents a highly structured design that minimises the use of materials, with an elegant form and simple design. 

This acknowledgement awards our products for being innovative products that represent a conceptual revolution while also adhering to design requirements and manufacturing quality.


The ADI-FAD product design association is a benchmark in Spain and has been a full member of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) since 1961. This association’s mission is to disseminate design culture as an open instrument for creating ideas, with the ability to create new ideas and social, cultural, and business wealth. 

They have held the Premios Delta del Diseño Industrial since 1961, and the most well-known products in Spanish design in recent history have participated in them.

LFGB - Jané

Consumer associations

Many consumer and user associations test our products and have rewarded us with very positive reviews after directly testing them. This is truly significant because these are real families who give us opinions such as “I’m honestly surprised by the product’s quality” or “I’m very satisfied with the quality of the resilient and modern materials.” We especially love receiving comments such as “my baby is happy.”