The utmost commitment to child safety

At Jané Group, we are committed to your family’s safety and we invest all our resources and knowledge into designing the safest and most comfortable car seats on the market. But that’s not all. We also guarantee the car seat’s safety all throughout its use.

What is the Renew Plan?

  • Current European legislation on child restraint systems indicates that, after a car accident, one must replace the car seat with a new one in order to fully guarantee its safety and protection. This is because, during a crash, the car seat’s structure withstands violent strains. 

  • Through our Renew Plan, we replace your car seat with a brand new one (same model or similar) at no cost. Your children’s safety and well-being are also the most important thing for us. This is our promise.

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How can I access the programme?

To access the Renew Plan programme, you must register your car seat through the following form and send us the necessary documentation.


Necessary documentation

Aside from having registered the product, you must send the following information and/or documentation to

  1. Copy of the police report (1).
  2. Copy of the invoice or receipt (2).
  3. Details of the accident: address where the accident took place, speed, and personal injuries.
  4. Confirmation on whether the child car seat was occupied or not at the time of the accident.
  5. Picture of the serial number on the car seat.
  6. Pictures of the accident.

(1) The following are not considered police reports: mutual declaration of accident, repair quote, report from the car insurance agency.

(2) Non-mandatory condition to access the programme.

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Analysis and validation

Once we receive this information, we will contact you to arrange a day to collect the damaged car seat so our experts can analyse it. 


The approximate time for analysis and delivery of the new car seat (same model or similar) to the given address is 15 business days.

What do we do after this?

We collect the car seat that endured the accident and run it through various tests in our laboratory. With all the data and information gathered from the study, we can understand which features received the most damage during the collision, which allows us to improve future car seats by making them even more resistant and, above all, safer.

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